Latest Poems

let it read

you’ve taken the time
for your mind to lose grip
relaxed in a chair
taking a sip

your eyes wander over
the tablet or page
there’s nothing to lose
and no way to gage

the mysterious journey
your thoughts have gone on
like singing completely
the nevermore song

your heart is still pumping
your skin can still bleed
your mind’s started humping
let it read
let it read

ufos in manhattan

enjoying the snow
rolling around on their backs
making sun angels
almond-eyed greyskins
peering out of glowing windows
their feet up in the air

greetings, earthlings
this is the way we fly

between the cracks in your memories
where tendrils of deep comprehension
reach outward
toward your sky

those of you not so bedazzled
by your own dreaming
will see us here

fair is fair, we say
we really like the way
your snow falls
flake upon flake
no two flakes alike

it reminds us of the
way we used to be
before we came awake
still childlike

back in the day
before our minds came due
there was another way
to think our differences through

but not now, you see
we are all the same glowing one
just like your snow falling
under the sun

just like us
just like you, to be
utterly yet thoroughly free


you get consensus reality
by using the mechanism of consciousness
to focus attention on
not only illusory dreams
but absolutely insane ones

it’s like the dramatic pauses
in movies
with stringed instruments and
maybe a few lonely woodwinds playing
as characters consider equally
unreal and insane motivations
as if the consequences
would make any sort of difference at all
to silence

consider instead

do you know what it feels like
to peel a ruby red grapefruit
by hand

slowly pressing your thumb
under the rind
parting and rolling swash by swash
to expose the fruity globe
of sectioned flesh

the smell of the spray
makes you realize you shoulders
aren’t relaxed
so you drop them
as you hum the tune
of your birth
into the mirror
of your soul




on the bathroom floor
i had my space with you before
but now it’s coming time again
since nothing starts
and nothing ends
with all that passes
through that door

dripping time that must rewind
every morning
in my mind
things that never ever stick
drop upon that steady brick
sitting on the bathroom floor

why is that
you might ask
a recurring scene
of what has passed
a current take on what has been
occur again
as nothing more

if you make a different pick
and notice what you’re living for
attend to that mysterious brick
beneath the tub
forever more
what the are you waiting for


i read about a man who hasn’t showered in 13 years

i myself have to take at least one
after just a few beers

it’s not like i’ve got a Lucy Liu hue
but my parts have been dropping off
inexplicably lately

my old leather belt
twisted from years of use
broke yesterday

the compact umbrella
i’ve been carrying around
for half a decade or more
has buckled against the wind
too many times

today’s morning gale
broke the umbrella’s spine

i had to hold it down in front
so the rain didn’t shower
straight into my face

parts dropping off
thoughts dissipating

entropic states
in my work pack
usable aging objects
my brother gave me years ago

it’s getting so i can’t tell any more
there’s no clear distinction

at the loop that holds down
the pinned tongue
despite the friction

it’s the hand i’ve been dealt
ingenuity vs ease

but now
rather than repair
recite the fiction

is this what we do now?

time for a shower

oh, where art thou sleep?

you get up in the morning
shoulders groaning
and you make your way
to the porcelain bowl
to drop off your dreaming soil

clean, floss, shower
dry skin
fold your sockets
into pockets
and shirts
socks and then shoes

check the time
listen to news

pack the bag
devices, notes
and other gear

ablutions never stray
never fear

ready then to walk out that door
leave the haven

time to start your
manifest destiny


World’s Moving On

The world’s moving on without me, friend
You can see it in the light in her eyes
It will happen when the new thing starts to begin
And will end with a touch of her thighs

The sad part about it is I’ve wanted to go
For some time now but haven’t known when
I can tell that she wouldn’t have wanted to know
But she won’t now that it’s starting again

A loss is not a loss and a win’s not a win
When the light has nowhere to be
The world’s moving on without me, friend
It’s now time for my spark to be free

There once was a part inside of me now
That I never suspected within
She’s moved on in ways I’ll never know how
And it’s time now for my dreaming to end

deep comprehensions

there’s no mucking about
in the well of the world

as each sucking instance
opens uncurled

with deep comprehensions
shining throughout
informing the forming
that’s letting us in

there’s no where and nothing
on a similar route
preforming the morning
that’s beginning again

To Get To the Beam

Our words are our friends
since this shocking thing has seen us
inspired our independence
not imprisoned by our sentence

Though there’s nothing left
between us
and the vision hasn’t seen us

Since everything is made
of shadows in the shade
and light that shows our way
and never, ever fades

Come sail away with me, babe
making peace with no more difference
revisiting our penance

By dropping all the menace
that’s what we are, you know
nothing else than that

with our only purpose being
beyond just what we’re seeing
is to get back to the beam*

*with thanks to Paramahansa Yogananda

Are You Happy With It?

What you’ve wanted into seeming
goes beyond
just what you’re seeing
And the freaky thing about it then
dissolving absolutely when

I’ve been told it’s not relieving
To understand
One’s self-deceiving
But you must be doing something right
To bring on even this insight

What you wanted into being
Steps right up
To your believing
Yet the pattern underlying
Leaves no doubt about complying

It’s not done until you’re gleaming
waking up
from all your dreaming
And the freeing bit that opens you
was always there beyond the view