Latest Poems

Icy Cold Wind

There’s an icy, cold wind,
and the fire’s down to coals.

We’re buried so deep
underneath the atolls.

We follow the signs
of the dead sea scrolls

as they reach out
and fine-tune our motor controls.

May surrender succeed,
as we empty our bowls,

and no longer have need
for the slurp of the holes

or the pluck and luck of
the play of the poles.

Crossing over, you remember
ALL of your soul.

Lady Radiator*

It wasn’t long until we met her:
the lovely lady radiator.

We were so loose back in those days;
we lived and breathed another way.

Yet could we ever once persuade her,
or say enough to ever save her?

We built our clan, come what may;
she came along, at first, to play.

Though each of us would always savor
the pleasures of her smallest favor,

as time wound on we went astray
and played our lives another way.

But that itself could never break her
or mask her devilish, smoky flavor.

Dissolving with our heart’s true savior,
surrender is the price we’d pay.

*with thanks to David Lynch

Not So Simple

Hidden away in an ancient temple,
newly discovered, it’s not so simple:

underground chambers that boggle the mind.
Your neurons are twitching, but you feel fine.

The crisis of knowing is understanding.
Your focus is fine; your mind expanding.

Your bodily brain goes on hold,
while an inner reflection explores your soul.

Probable clouds dance in the distance
mapping out spots for your re-existence.

Forgotten familiars gather around,
drawn by the pull of the joy of the sound

of the delectable pucker of incredible lips
and the compulsory swaying of beautiful hips

through the henges of stone under the mist
that vibrate with pure, outshining bliss.

Yet a part of you strives, or so it would seem,
to shut it all down and go back to the dream.

But the only real choice that you ever make
is to choose the illusion or finally wake.

It’s all up to you, to refuse or allow,
and the moment of choosing is right in the now.


doesn’t have any smell
that I can tell

doesn’t peer at the world
doesn’t act like a girl

doesn’t take a few tries
or tell any lies

what was that about girls?
as intuition uncurls

still confused about sex
still dream of my ex

it’s these kind of games
that mess with the names

of the feelings inside
as I suffer the ride

of intuition

that damsel astride
gets away from me, fly

tips the shine of my pride
till I’m blind and have died

on this paper before me
that was empty, ignore me

but now there is art
that has bled from my heart


She knew of things that time often brought;
in a life filled with strife, it became what we sought.

We then knew of things that time would soon bring;
in a life filled with strife, it became what she sang.

And the gases from Parnassus eked into our minds,
elongated our spines as we paid her in kind.

She tipped tables towards truth (her name was now Ruth),
so able to delve so deep in the swell
that all gathered round were then lost in her spell.

As we suckled her visions, blown away by the frisson,
we detected no lies in her utmost precision.

Most wanted her eyes to look now their way,
but we hoped, then again, she’d have nothing to say.

We read her dissent yet could not repent
that a bonafide oracle who made us feel horrible

could awaken en masse our fast-asleep class
but then, yet again, she was just a total badass.


she contemplated the sounds
she was hearing
but could not focus
on anything significant

meaningful time

that slippery slope

pomp and circumstance

significance white noise
I don’t think there’s a single thing
which calls attention
which now brings

more things inside
than one peace of mind

the room and the words
are floating like birds

for organizations
that have leveraged things
that now have a split lane

remember back in the day
part of the team

when we think a little bit about
diving for cover
at the end of the day

do these things make you glad
or more like you’re sad?

and why the heck are you even here
it’s really not clear

woven into the
intending outcomes
the actual framework
current economic considerations

work talk and memes and phrases
more current business

adequate raises
compensation teams

that’s a critical point
I appreciate that
maybe the mindset is

and she left the room
with her soul strangely cleansed

until next month
when it happens again

i’m embarrassed by God

embarrassed by God
mammals with leashes
my toilet is running
let’s see where it reaches

embarrassed my God
what does that mean?
the idea itself
is squishy, it seems

embarrassed by God’s
description in scriptures
a big old mean daddy
who’ll paddle our britches

or a big-bellied guru
who swallows our qualms
and chants in a language
that calls out for alms

embarrassed my God
from what I have read
there’s truth or illusion
and just one can be tread

embarrassed by God
from what I have known
of the outshining joy
that’s never alone

embarrassed my God
by how i was acting
until i found out
that i was attracting

all that i met
in my journey through Now
and my only choice
is to clench or allow

embarrassed by God
and the losing of face
all illusions and dreams
versus one state of grace

embarrassed my God
by mad secrets inside
as i dissolve in the void
does everything die?

embarrassed by God
eyes blinded by thee
yet my brothers and sister
await eternity

embarrassed my God
to proclaim utter bliss
let’s surrender right now
to true happiness


When the dial was first turned to tight focus
the beings stashed within their dreams
doubled down, twisting faces into frowns

They smelled no death but felt bereft
as they stood upon their shaky ground

Not knowing they were glowing still
they barely heard the thrilling sound
of spirit seeping through their seems

It made them want to run away
and blame some others so they’d pay

They acted like they’d had their fill
of nights and then forever days
and came up with a winning phrase

KEEP DREAMING GREAT, we’re still around
the stars still shine in Tinseltown

Ignoring breath, their spirit cleft
they held onto their sacred schemes
to some day find their own renown

Until they woke and found their grace
and the focus dial was turned back down

Lifting the Lid

when i dredge through my mind
as i’m working overtime

lift the lid on the cages
as i seek throughout the ages

neither there nor quite here
i’m actually everywhere

taking time through its stages
finding slack at certain phases

when i hate this whole damned thing
body, world, and the bling

or when i love it oh so much
all there is to feel and touch

even though there’s no real basis
i find my moods speak in phrases

realigned in this rhyme
the entity outshined

says you never have to fear
unless you hold a place so dear

and you have to pop the clutch
to circle round in double Dutch

take the swing that it brings
until your mind goes ka-ching

then you feel yourself in stasis
until you surrender all the faces

and allow that single tear
and then you finally get so clear

Finite Yet Unbounded

He had travelled long enough
in the same direction,
but had yet to reach the Edge.

Boofer looked deeper into his mind
and considered that
he might come back to
exactly where he began,
in spacetimeā€¦

“But, Boofer, what is spacetime?”
asked little Bump Face.

“Oh, no one’s asked that in a long time,”
said Boofer, scratching his grizzle.

“In fact, I think I was the first one
to ask that, way back at the beginning,
back when I myself was a little Bump Face,
back when I-“

Boofer stopped.

“Hey! I’ve been alone on this journey so far.
How can you be here? Wait a second, who are you?”

And then Boofer did the most peculiar thing.

He crossed right the hell over.

And his journey to the Edge of the Universe
began yet againā€¦