Monthly Archive: January 2019

i’m embarrassed by God

embarrassed by God
mammals with leashes
my toilet is running
let’s see where it reaches

embarrassed my God
what does that mean?
the idea itself
is squishy, it seems

embarrassed by God’s
description in scriptures
a big old mean daddy
who’ll paddle our britches

or a big-bellied guru
who swallows our qualms
and chants in a language
that calls out for alms

embarrassed my God
from what I have read
there’s truth or illusion
and just one can be tread

embarrassed by God
from what I have known
of the outshining joy
that’s never alone

embarrassed my God
by how i was acting
until i found out
that i was attracting

all that i met
in my journey through Now
and my only choice
is to clench or allow

embarrassed by God
and the losing of face
all illusions and dreams
versus one state of grace

embarrassed my God
by mad secrets inside
as i dissolve in the void
does everything die?

embarrassed by God
eyes blinded by thee
yet my brothers and sister
await eternity

embarrassed my God
to proclaim utter bliss
let’s surrender right now
to true happiness


When the dial was first turned to tight focus
the beings stashed within their dreams
doubled down, twisting faces into frowns

They smelled no death but felt bereft
as they stood upon their shaky ground

Not knowing they were glowing still
they barely heard the thrilling sound
of spirit seeping through their seems

It made them want to run away
and blame some others so they’d pay

They acted like they’d had their fill
of nights and then forever days
and came up with a winning phrase

KEEP DREAMING GREAT, we’re still around
the stars still shine in Tinseltown

Ignoring breath, their spirit cleft
they held onto their sacred schemes
to some day find their own renown

Until they woke and found their grace
and the focus dial was turned back down

Lifting the Lid

when i dredge through my mind
as i’m working overtime

lift the lid on the cages
as i seek throughout the ages

neither there nor quite here
i’m actually everywhere

taking time through its stages
finding slack at certain phases

when i hate this whole damned thing
body, world, and the bling

or when i love it oh so much
all there is to feel and touch

even though there’s no real basis
i find my moods speak in phrases

realigned in this rhyme
the entity outshined

says you never have to fear
unless you hold a place so dear

and you have to pop the clutch
to circle round in double Dutch

take the swing that it brings
until your mind goes ka-ching

then you feel yourself in stasis
until you surrender all the faces

and allow that single tear
and then you finally get so clear

Crystal Elongated Skulls

Were the skulls squeezed out of shape by a mysterious sound,
so their sagittal sutures can no longer be found?

Or has obliteration erased what was originally there
—the bones fused together?—seems it’s not all that rare.

We don’t know what caused them to be larger and long.
We hope it was aliens, but it could be we’re wrong.

It’s provoking to measure and re-analyze
the skulls staring out with such prominent eyes.

They resemble so much a meme of these days:
those alien abductors that we now call the Greys.

We hope that a portal reaching backwards in time
will be found as we delve down antediluvian slime.

But it could be our hopes will never be met,
since they blank out our minds so we will forget.

Do we know what is true, or are we dreaming it all?
Or will it soon blossom open, unexpected withal?

and do the other things*

we don’t have no books no more
we hardly have them retail stores

we do have things we’re using yet
some we love and some regret

our whatyamacallits came unbound
but none of us was then around

our grands and greats effed up the past
and lots of things just didn’t last

yet here we are, just you and me
trying hard, like we’ll always be

“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard…”

*John F. Kennedy Moon Speech – Rice Stadium, September 12, 1962

I Need Do Nothing

I read between the words that glow:
“I need do nothing.” Lord, I know.

I haven’t seen or fooled around
or heard so self-assured a sound.

You ask me what I mean by this;
I ask, in turn, well, what of bliss?

We’re made of joy, it seems to me,
arising through great mystery.

most beautiful lips

The most beautiful lips in the world belonged to a girl
whose golden locks had yet to twirl
as they would when she unfurled.

Her generous hips happened to sway
in a long and a round quite lovely way.

But the beat of her heart and the heat of the day
kept her apart, so we started to pray.

Her jeans full of rips and her little brown shoes
let us all know she had nothing to lose.

But then her smile came along, keeping us glued,
along with a frown and an attitude.

When she dialed up the smile, we took a great breath;
when she put on the frown, it felt just like death.

And so, we conclude, by perceptions alone,
that the girl had her lips but we had our own.
And we must come to grips with those we enthrone.

troubles so vast

Although not really here to take us to task,
is it odd we prefer pain over peace?
It seems that we favor troubles so vast,
problems appear that have no release.

A lifetime of struggle that’s hardly begun,
is there a way to proceed, some different means?
Perhaps in those instances when “I” is undone
we remember the one who is dreaming our dreams.

i once knew

i once cared for certain things
a wife or two and golden rings

but now i find myself alone
a decent job, a simple home

i once knew of gloried dreams
i let them go, or so it seems

i used to know a path divine
i once held your hand in mine

i once knew of love so fierce
soft as butter, nipples pierced

i once knew when i was right
as i slept throughout the night

i once crawled across the floor
went to work and closed that door

i used to try so hard to grow
but now i’m not sure what i know

i once lived as just a child
but then i became unbeguiled

i used to look for quick release
but now i simply tinct and lease