did i ASK for a refund?

though my Amazon delivery apparently failed,
i woulda thunk that its drivers would have prevailed
getting me all six of the items my order entailed

yet when i examine the tracks of the delivery trails
digging into the facts discovered and unveiled
only three out of six had arrived in my mail

and, for some still unknown reason, the others derailed
and now they’ve refunded, and it feels like betrayal

though i can always reorder, as they have availed
i’d like them to tell me why the first order failed

was the scope of my items not easily scaled?
had the drivers been working and then they just bailed?
was there some other trace, or had that ship long sailed?

yet, eventually, i just relaxed and exhaled
and ordered again the same items assailed

now i’ll leave you since i’ve kept you abreast and regaled
and recounted my conundrum’s still unresolved tale

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