the last time that the foreskin ruled

mighty towers rose and fell
their wonders shone across the land

hawks dove down towards cans of ale
countries built their walls and jails

babies fought as men and died
never knew their mother’s cries

by leaps and bounds, the fighting failed
the masses griped, the bankers bailed

what earth was worth they never found
sucked oil and blood out of the ground

dredging down through sacred sites
they never stopped, by day or night

their inside-outs spread thin and pale
upon the waves by din they sailed

they clapped on through the worlds of form
bred with fear, it was the norm

they yoked their souls to tooth and nail
and slipped and slid as all hope flailed

their leaders crouched within their homes
with all their rooms, they were alone

playing shows they seldom ever watched
they left their crotches on the couch

while merry sunshine lost her way
they pumped their losses anyway

they couldn’t stop, inside the gland
it never went as they had planned

they sharpened every handy tool
the last time that the foreskin ruled

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