Finite Yet Unbounded

He had travelled long enough
in the same direction,
but had yet to reach the Edge.

Boofer looked deeper into his mind
and considered that
he might come back to
exactly where he began,
in spacetimeā€¦

“But, Boofer, what is spacetime?”
asked little Bump Face.

“Oh, no one’s asked that in a long time,”
said Boofer, scratching his grizzle.

“In fact, I think I was the first one
to ask that, way back at the beginning,
back when I myself was a little Bump Face,
back when I-“

Boofer stopped.

“Hey! I’ve been alone on this journey so far.
How can you be here? Wait a second, who are you?”

And then Boofer did the most peculiar thing.

He crossed right the hell over.

And his journey to the Edge of the Universe
began yet againā€¦

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