Crystal Elongated Skulls

Were the skulls squeezed out of shape by a mysterious sound,
so their sagittal sutures can no longer be found?

Or has obliteration erased what was originally there
—the bones fused together?—seems it’s not all that rare.

We don’t know what caused them to be larger and long.
We hope it was aliens, but it could be we’re wrong.

It’s provoking to measure and re-analyze
the skulls staring out with such prominent eyes.

They resemble so much a meme of these days:
those alien abductors that we now call the Greys.

We hope that a portal reaching backwards in time
will be found as we delve down antediluvian slime.

But it could be our hopes will never be met,
since they blank out our minds so we will forget.

Do we know what is true, or are we dreaming it all?
Or will it soon blossom open, unexpected withal?

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