A Captive Audience

You’d better watch what you say.

You’d better watch what some parts of you still want.

Your subjectivity could be suspected of being infected
of what now is deemed improper for public consumption.

If you’ve got the gumption.

You’d better not like fictional characters who are mean,
who are greedy,
who are lascivious
or vicious.

You’d better not be inclined to explore your own dark parts
and instead revile all of them en masse publicly.

Do you harbor secret fantasies about bodies younger (or older) than your own?

Do you get excited by people with power, with beauty, with flaws?

Are you a monster? With claws?

Did he say yes? Did she say no?

All of the dramas have now become traumas, and the only cure is public shaming.

Naming, and pointing, and blaming.

Do you know what has become verboten will probably change?

It’s not so strange.

You just better stay up to date.

And when changes occur, don’t wait.

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