On Days Like This

I don’t know what a poem’s to do
on days like this when no one cares
no breaking news
when nothing’s true
we make our ways
through thick and thin
we raise our gaze
as it begins

I don’t know who next lives out
their lives played through as if they dare
they’re safe with all the others there
they speak the truth
these rousing youth
right now they’re young
around the sun

they sing their song
they’re flung along

I don’t know why we have done
what others have so often shunned
we have some laws
with sharpened claws
yet never mind
what’s welcomed there
those clever fines
are never shared

I don’t know when it will end
seems like time to now begin
they lead with voices filled with care
woven in their curly hair
their youth betrays
the silence won
their time to speak
has just begin

I don’t know how it may hurt
we’ve left their blood upon the earth
and if there are some others there
they’ll speak their minds
for all they’re worth
their faces lined
but thoughts combined
a blessing granted
through their birth

i don’t know who’ll read this poem
i work on it while i’m alone
they take their stand
out in the world
let’s change our minds
our thoughts unfurled


  1. Howard Coale

    This is a beautiful poem. I am in a hot cabin on a short bed on a long night in the woods of the Adirondacks, on July 4th 2018. This is the most optimistic and strangely hopeful thing I have read this week, maybe this past month. A blessing upon you.

    1. Mark Mandel (Post author)

      Thanks so much, Howard!

  2. Howard Coale

    Hmm. No comment has appeared. I hope all is well.


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