we absorb them

we still travel through the light
over land and in the trees
hear the birds and the bees

as we slide behind the night
feel the curling of the leaves
choose a sex, get it right

spin up dreams with our hands
seems behavior’s got demands
we absorb and explore them

some may burn
others learn
and others may ignore them

doesn’t happen overnight
tuck the seams
heal the blight

you may never like the odds
take some time
love your gods

rub your belly
turning tricks on the run

trading places
leaving faces
stay transfixed on the sun

feel the plight of our whys
you can see it
in our eyes

falling back
right on track
still forgiven as we die

in every sacred shrine
if you hold ’em
you must smoke ’em

yet as dreams
are outshined
we cry as we unyoke them

we don’t know
how it ends
seems it all begins again

buried deep
in our bones
we just want to travel home

yet we pause to observe
and take the steps
we deserve

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