Monthly Archive: December 2017

of the vortex

it splashes and flashes
her face-length eyelashes

and matches the scratches
on his busted eyeglasses

the vortex is spinning
round faces beginning

to turn up and notice
through a kind of osmosis

that things now are changing
with a wild rearranging

that’s never been stable
or observed a timetable

we just think that it seems
to follow our dreams

while we build out our life
with our joys and our strife

and then slip off to our beds
with these things in our heads

but with morning comes dawn
and then we all move along

letting events stay unformed
unless they match with the norm

which still holds its old sway
until maybe today

if we open our eyes
and are ready to rise

and start off to roam
as we make our way home