Monthly Archive: October 2017

Great Tits

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen
great tits.

They turn out to be excellent
social networkers.

Back when milk was delivered
to the doorstep,

it was difficult for great tits
to find food outside.

In hard winters, they learned how to peck
through the foil

to get to the rich cream
at the top.

Furious 21

Furious 21

Every day a flower carries,
some things stay, while others vary.

Free them! Seize them! Help the slaves!
Bedlam, dead men, purple haze!

Fan that flame quite happily
to stoke your rage to apogee,

Black men, white men, yellow too
they make us mad, and so do you.

Are there creatures void of grace,
or is our fear just out of place?

Roiling with the best of them,
boiling over to the brim.

Anger doesn’t end at all;
surrender and begin your fall.

Governments won’t take our slack;
they hoist their problems on our backs.

Religions lose their prayer ‘holy,’
while news stays focused narrowly.

Yet a vision we’ve hardly known
brews within us, cover blown.

Time is coming to an end;
it’s not too late to call a friend.

Rendered free within the dream
like icy pearls inside a stream

or seeds the size of melon carts
and mysteries within our hearts.

Are you ready for the now?
because it’s coming anyhow…

Freedom Please

The lonely cry to sounds that ease.
I loved your sigh, my freedom please.

The road is rough, though carry on.
When that’s enough, then we’ll be gone.

Though here to learn, we know not when.
We start to churn, as it begins.

I lost the face I held on to;
that’s when this grace came shining through.

It’s always near, though we have gone,
by closing where we don’t belong.

Yet life is not a simple thing.
We just forgot what loving means.

Freedom please, and art that roars,
we’re on our knees with hearts that soar.

I Couldn’t Find My Shoes

I couldn’t find my shoes
in the dream I just woke up from.

As I open my eyes and step onto
the wooden floor from the lumpy bed,
I smell gamey goats’ milk
and golden honey fresh from the hives.

A chill from the approaching winter
blows in through the open window,
and I hear the creak of the porch swing
and the soft twinkle of the wind chimes
hanging at the front door.

If it takes me a while to place myself,
forgive me, for I have mistaken
my name and my face more times
than I have ever dreamed of being.

The only thing I truly recall,
so deep in the core of me
that there is no turning back,
is someone who I’ve never left
and who has never left me.

I don’t know who exactly it is,
but as I spoon dark, earthy tea
into a cup in the kitchen
and look down at my bare feet,
I smile and let my breath
lead me where I must go.

Old Pojoaque

Have you ever traveled the back roads
where pinions, junipers, and sand
take you by the hand?

Out across the years:
hot eye gleaming in the north,
high across the mesas,
chill in the winds by early October.

Since I left the range,
I’ve kept returning
through the decades,
pulled by memories of
logs blazing with fire,
sweet sage burning.

Hot mineral springs cleanse
something far, far larger than
than I could ever hope to know.

I rest my weary bones
at the bottom of the gorge,
while you who continue on
are still drawn
by the dance of the clouds
and the slow sway of the sun.

May all remember the tears
and the play, beholden to none,
and raise a toast
to the great Great One.


We’ll leave some younger things behind,
some struggles that we’ve had,
need some demonstrations,
race relations,
firm foundations

We watch the news, get the blues,
till we’re almost seeing red,
have some conversations,
views within our heads.

As we grow inside our minds
see the world just fall apart
hear some declarations,
deep inside our hearts.

So right now we have to choose
pick the cloth from which we’re cut
find our expectations,
leading up to what?

Can our awareness ever find
that events first start within,
and our fluctuations,
spring from dreams therein?

As we’re paying off our dues
and we wend our way through time
when will generations,
finally align?

Belief and Desire

Some say our life starts through belief.
Some say instead it’s through desire.
From what I know, though life is brief,
and like a simple aperitif,
I side with those who choose belief.

But if it was the other sire,
I think I’ve yearned enough to know
that wanting does indeed require
a life that’s leads to more, although,
everything that we acquire
we’ll shed like burdens in the mire.

*with great thanks to Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice”

Shown Us

He mutters at the barkeep
and rolls around in his sleep
until dreaming shakes him so deep
that he wakes and takes a new leap.

She wanted something better
yet he never could forget her
though she beat the ground like weather
and wore him down like leather.

The stars they beckoned brightly
as he shed his tears so tightly
and she loves so very rightly
coming back again fortnightly.

We watch them for a reason
as they indicate the seasons,
and we hope that lust’s not beaten
since we use it like a beacon.

We won’t change channels gladly
as their drama moves on sadly,
though in truth they’re looking straggly
down there slumming in the Valley.

Yet there’s nothing that they’ve shown us
while our dreams of love control us
that can justify the onus
of our own infernal focus.

So let’s break free while empowered
before our minds have truly soured
or our hearts become devoured
by our dreams’ forgotten flowers.

Where Language

Where language is stored in the brain
is still somewhat of a mystery.

Apparently, there’s a drum circle
going on in our heads.

I got that from a very reliable source,
although when I last saw him
his head was bent over a stained toilet bowl
like he was praying to the elder
Inuit animal spirits,
the ones with long, twisted horns.

Later he stood up part way
and slowly started gyrating his hips,
like he was trying them out for the very first time,
and over and over again he sang:
“If you can’t find a partner, use a wooden chair…”

It has been said that creativity
is like direct knowing,

It bubbles up as if from nowhere,
ready to inspire anyone who is ready
to make a simple choice.

Be true.
Be ready.
Allow the mystery to live you.