Monthly Archive: March 2017

medicine cabinet

my medicine cabinet
with its curses and cures
watches all my complaints
with knowledge obscured

through cracks in its mirror
all my worries and hates
could never be clearer
as sickness dictates

the trembling and coughing
my body has served
my beliefs in the offing
just what I deserve

the cabinet holds tinctures
and potions and pills
I don’t have a scripture
but I do have the chills

my woman did leave me
I got on her nerves
some meds in Swahili
I think they were hers

I’m missing some vials
and some others seem new
a few are just trials
and some are bright blue

I assumed that through thinking
we created disease
but now I am shrinking
by various degrees

my cabinet keeps watch
on my self as I age
I’ve developed a splotch
that no oils can assuage

this side of life
we all have to face
when we’re under the knife
or we just lose our faith

has the time come right now
to trade in my wealth
for the cabinet’s know-how
to lead me to health

or shall I surrender it all
to the sacred long haul
of my destiny