Monthly Archive: December 2016

ancient balm

a balm for masses teeming toward
the sharp edge of a sacred sword
while bowing to an overlord
who holds naught underneath

you’re scrying all of your beliefs
to find the signs right in the streets
where bliss and struggle barely meet
to seek what’s there in sooth

your age betrays your trampled youth
your belly rolls straight through the roof
your art releases open truth
for all of us to see

the yearly end begins to be
a cycle-shaped eternity
starts again mysteriously
that ancient open chord

martial law

it starts when just a soft breeze
is blowing across the waving plains
over the tops of alfalfa
and the chimneys and trains

a normal sort of day
as mounting words wend their way
through the faces and the papers
and the tension and the troubles

profit’s running scarce
no more triples, hardly doubled

call the troops
post them out
to every street and every house

hardly breathe outside the gloom
too few prosper
no more room

and then we get used to it
guns and fatigues
lowered voices

of course we’ve got to
protect ourselves

it’s a dangerous world
out there
in here

as we gather behind
leaky temples in our minds

responding to a God above
who loves only our girls and boys

fulfilling their destiny
their duty time
with all of their toys

and rockets’ red glare
that we pray to tonight

will continue to fuel
this incessant fight

and how could we ever
just suddenly agree
with all those people out there
even though they’re basically the same
as you and me

don’t worry
we’ll save you a grave
we won’t forget
for dying at last
may be all that we’ll get

what had been lost

we carve the belly of the beast
through all the dramas of our feast
our soul remembers void will come
we’ll stand together all as one

though always bare to open eyes
our clothing drags our very thighs
along astride the wishing well
as gravity still throws its swell

so drop a coin but two will fall
one for Peter and one for Paul
what had been lost for now is found
as Mary loves the sacred sound

the path our mind decides to take
a long way through until awake
we’ll circle back and then we’ll roam
and then it’s time to bring it home

change expectations

a fist is not a fist
when our hand opens wide
got a cease and a desist
but still angry inside

tell the mothers all our friends
never knew what for
don’t be starting what begins
and then turns into a war

do you get me, is it clear
what is really at stake
all the violence and the fear
just an avoidable mistake

when offered up the choice
between conflict and joy
do most of us rejoice
but then choose to destroy

I really don’t quite get it
do we not want the bliss
if that’s the way we’re headed
then we must remember this

situation’s not so random
when we factor in each thought
that never does abandon
what we are being taught

got to change our expectations
or go crumbling to our knees
rearrange our revelations
until we’re all at peace

pockets of squabbles

we felt on the edge of a holistic thang
that started in time before selfing began
where spaces and places blent patterns galore
and the shining of being was all that we wore

the thrills and the chills and the fires deep within
created these worlds that we find ourselves in
so remember the source of the journey of now
still follows the call of your thoughts anyhow

to shake us awake seems wanting to know
of secrets we seek right here in the glow
of pockets and squabbles and qualified poems
while nothing escapes the thoughts that we’ve thrown

our postures and movements and looks in the eyes
the flab of our asses down right through our thighs
the tread of our footsteps crossing the lawn
there’s nothing we’ll keep when all this is gone

our truth’s in our minds, our bodies to spare
why did we ever believe our location was here
these forms are compelling, I will grant you that
but what could we want from this tit or that tat

our journey is ending, for all that is true
who hope to discover what happens to who
when wanting and grasping gives up on the ghost
what else could we want that might satisfy most

lights down through tunnels and family to great
our hearts in the shinings we happen to meet
or will we get on the belt and recycle again
or meet up in the Void with all of our friends

be aware of the bear

I tread in my tracks tomorrow don’t miss
hang on to your grievances all, they said

yet today’ll be back releasing this bliss
open surrender has served me instead

deep in the thoughts I can’t hardly see
do I focus on problems here to destroy

or if it doesn’t behoove disqualify me
I’ll surrender to peace and the radiance of joy

I’ve tried going along round and round with blame
it feels so intense, I can’t recommend

since to dangle and wrangle and do it the same
keeps us caught in a loop that never ends

far better to be and the truth will uphold
the simple corundum that’s started the¬†flow

the secret of being that never gets old
all that matters without, within we must know

the wilds of delight

the truth this morning
is the sun hiding behind clouds

at least the beckoning gyre
of the grasping, hurtling spaces
has been calmed to a semblance
of peace
outside of time

from this point of view
what begins has always been

what plays always unwinds
in the silence
in between

make your way
through the wilds
of delight held
at the base of existence

despite dour predictions
of attention
and the mongering of fears
there are no limits on love

take the other way
and give yourself
permission to hope
through hurt
that encompasses nothing lasting

by any means contained
in the linearity
of straightforwardness
the slicing of illusions
never ends

dreams dangle on
as if the wings of unfolding
are exhaustible

will you follow the path
of every death you are given
beyond yourself

or will life live you
beyond the displacement belonging
beneath the waves
of the waters
of your soul

woe be gone
my glittering one

take some rest here
with me

like taffy

I’m soaking in a hot bath
binge-watching The World’s Worst Disasters

you read my mind
my blood sugar is a holy number
a blessed day in paradise
hallow it be thy name

[fill in the blank] terror
may rain down upon us all!

it falls within the normal range
on earth as it is in heaven

why do such extremes relax me
instead of inspiring fear?

every kingdom I’ve ever seen
old and grainy
black and white or color
unconcerned people in the streets
lava or floodwaters flowing through
tossed about by quakes or fires
tsunamis or avalanches
cyclones or tornadoes

thy will be done

I’m there with you
you devil of a creator

prayers are stretched
life taffy on the boardwalk
so sweet and chewy
sold to children
for pennies

if we found
a part of life
that was not struggle
would we choose it?

come watch with me

living in a town on the bleeding edge

it’s zeitgeist in a town on the bleeding edge
thinking twice before you give up your only pledge
such sad advice with words that haven’t finished yet
talking people off the corners on the highest ledge

dressing down got your feelings in a twisted bind
left alone you’d just recover, you’d be doing fine
but the doctors got you thinking in the sickness kine
pull away before they regulate and own your mind

the path ahead akin to something you once knew
have to remember it again so that you can renew
all it takes is a turning of your point of view
and a complete reorganization of whom is who

like the Chinese curse, you find yourself in interesting times
where the people struggle steady up their daily climbs
it doesn’t take much more to read it all between the lines
while the leaders scheme away inside their greedy crimes

you’ve traveled all this far, you now are getting tired
you work hard each day at jobs and try not to get fired
but as you look within you’ll see that’s not how you’re wired
you were born to blow your mind and thus to be inspired

finally you can zero in on what’s feeling right
got to surrender your believing so it clears your sight
there’s a joyful sound that’s playing true all through the night
like an opening the heart of time transforms to light

take your chances roll them open all those ready bones
got a number doesn’t won’t work on any telephones
still can use it find your happiness inside the zones
now’s the place to lose your face and never be alone

get along

get along, little children
be full but you want to be deep

get along, little children
be full but you have to be deep

you have to sometimes wake
and sometimes you have to sleep

see, when you start your dreaming
you know things are going to be tough

because when you begin that scheming
you’ll rub against all of your stuff

you may forget what is smooth
and what is actually rough

get along, little children
be full but you have to be deep

get along, little children
be full and don’t make us weep

you have to sow all your best
and then you only can reap