Monthly Archive: November 2016

i wager five quatloos on the ornery one

you got a little vibe and a pocket full of change
are you really too alive for a night that’s being strange
what the frell materialize as the spheres all intertwane
moving well beyond your tribe dropping fears as though you’re sane

you’re shining up the room but your change is going fast
shall we just assume that this is your last gasp
you broke your only tomb but that was in the past
just who the hell is whom in a universe so vast

i know you haven’t met her but the goddess of the rain
wears transparent fetters that hook into the brain
this song may get much better right at the refrain
but the world is getting wetter dissolving all your pain

your lover felt your fall from a place so high above
you got material and with that you made your hub
you can’t protect it all like the drinks within a pub
in the middle of a brawl remember who you love

you never ever know what the mystery contains
yet your friends most often go on to dream of the domains
and underneath their show no traces shall remain
left behind to help you grow are the spaces in between

like gold

animal shapes are passing
as I drive to work

nimble tonics
and spots of tea
from recent dreams
reach out to me

fleet of foot
with their morning joes
across the wires
between the poles

a brunette in red and tan
all curves and blush
walks a greyhound
a straining pup
against her hand

I’m behind a tanker of a truck
slow as molasses
and wide as a bear
any anger I feel is mine
I can leave it there

I remember dreams
crashing in my head
before I even
got up from my bed

once I had a friend
who hired me
and then in the dream
he fired me

something was lost
it’s taken me until now
to find the cost

because dreams
always spit out
bits and pieces
of unpalatable truth
that releases

a metallic taste
like gold
stretching so far
it can never truly hold

baby’s got a beatnik

you’re the lady’s beatnik
riding in her tub
problem with a sea snake
poisoned by her love

profundity of truth now
that’s the way to roll
holy spirit peep show
like a bag of bones

slung across your shoulder
as you swim along
growing so much older
sun will soon be gone

images are changing
as your point of view
keeps on rearranging
asking who are you

what to do with yearning
sing your same old song
consciousness is turning
bring no self along

as you dive and smolder
have you ever tried
simply crossing over
she’ll be at your side

my porch

there’s a smell coming from it
never knew they’d gone and done it
some the creatures running from it
all the preachers wanna gun it

fancy dancer holding truly
lock n load feeling groovy
all the neighbors seem unruly
they’ve already seen this movie

hung together through the quake
none of us were quite awake
had to give and not to take
tried our best for goodness sake

and then later after time
all of us were feeling fine
though none were in their prime
least we had some tasty wine

though the weird are turning pro
even those who missed the show
at least by now we know
that it’s long past time to go

couplets ripped my flesh

harvesting pockets of briny well being
taking them to their most far-reaching extreme

i’ll follow these words where they want me to go
if i drop off the trail how would anyone know

there must be some parts to this very equation
that help smooth things back down during creation

i feel this construction bulging and build
i may get there before anyone else ever will

if you like to travel than join me right now
on this poetic cruise that won’t get too highbrow

i feel wasted and puffy but open to change
the food here is lovely though the drinks are a bit strange

i don’t know what that guy is smoking right there
but the way things are going i don’t really care

the meter and pace have a mind of their own
and i follow along so i won’t be alone

we can’t separate from the dance that we do
no matter how hard we try something new

so let’s ease back and try to take time to breathe
in the world of creation that we never leave

it just takes one thought to change things around
shareable joy, or at least that’s what i’ve found


how can there be magic
when science tells us
there is only this


lately different things
have been twisting
into place and time

following the heart
at the base of being

dripping through the gaps
like breath
and need


this is supposed to be
our time
our space

have we traded ourselves in
for something we never


isn’t this something
we’ve yearned for
all of our lives

in one way
or another

dead sea salts

in no special place I was stumbling along
nothing out of place that didn’t belong

I looked up at the sky and the sky looked right back
we squinted to see what was so out of whack

the hordes they had grown and were living on trash
they were so fucking tired that they no longer clashed

the oil it was gone and the elements steamed
the seas they gave off an uncomfortable sheen

the roads cut through cities that crackled and broke
as satellites fell and they no longer spoke

the ground shook with quakes as far as could see
sustainable fires burned continuously

the sky and I shrugged and then we started to cry
but we no longer had to ask ourselves why

the seeds they’d been planted long before anyhow
if anything can change we’d better start now

bed of oysters

sometimes i just want to spin
round and rounds around
beyond the striving thriving pull
that keeps us upside down

lately i don’t know what’s up
underneath the frowns
and all the trying lying ways
that recently came round

if revolution’s coming
to each and every town
won’t fighting not uniting make
our problems more profound

a bed of oysters awaits me here
at the bottom of the sound
of this crying sighing whirling world
where mystery abounds


finding precision may take its own time
like choosing which words will be ending this rhyme

stupid decisions are due to mistakes
leaving threads of discovery behind in their wake

it’s hard to envision your life without loss
but the spirit within gladly pays all the costs

to survive the collision between love and despair
you just have to open to be everywhere

since all your provisions have already been bought
right now is the time give up what you’ve got

another revision won’t help in the end
when you drop open wide and begin to transcend