Monthly Archive: April 2016


china chose a photo
with a flick of her forefinger across the display
pinched and opened it large
and set a filter she called dynamo thrum
to soften the blues
and heighten the reds and greens

she hummed a song she had already
forgotten the lyrics to
and blew away a dirty blonde strand of hair
that had fallen across her face

she tagged the pic #whoisthewho #whatdoesitmeantoloseface
and triggered off a cascading upload
to instagram, facebook, tumblr, twitter…

olives had become a thing lately
and a half-empty can sat on her desk
next to her pax and recharging phone

she liked the way they felt in her mouth
black and smooth and oval and clean
salty juice dripping out of the bored hole

when did you lose it, she wondered
where did you lose it

none who remember would be, she knew
as she closed the tablet
sucked on an olive
and spread herself throughout the silence

spam bait

erect on demand
is now available also on Android
see how to dress for your body type
on Twitter for business
from the FBI Office in New York city
moving this summer? now is the time to start looking
the worst bedroom position for a guy who lacks inches
in a new message from FaceBook
eat healthy live longer special!
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terrorist alert!

morning, day time, evening, night
they switch the bait
till they’ve got it right

they will not stop
their greedy scam
don’t take the bait
of their constant spam

the domain of voids

I was sleeping a steady R-E-M thrum
when Paco, my neighbor, started his strum
and then Marcos joined in at the top of his lungs
so I got up and drank me a jigger of rum

I had to wake up, I just had no choice
when Leah joined in with her brain-splitting voice
and my dreaming exploded first once and then twice
and I was back here again in this world full of vice

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike song
but the crooning to moonlight went on far too long
and my ears couldn’t turn off, the sound was too strong
and the constant intoning led madness along

They sang what they knew and they sang what has been
they repeated themselves as they howled at the wind
they sounded like drinkers who knew where they’d been
I was miles away from sleep yet again

But right as the instant passed one o’clock
the voices just quit like a freshly dropped rock
and there was nothing but silence, imagine my shock
as my waking existence took its last lonely walk


Kauai Shirt
I’ve worn the same t-shirt for over 30 years
through changing hopes and shredded fears

do you have a garment that’s similarly stayed
and abandoned you not each time you’ve strayed

do you know that eventually a time will come
when you’ll look back and no longer succumb

and when looking forward will no longer instill
any new inspiration you want to fulfill

take comfort with a shirt that once you bought
and let go of whatever else you have sought

because sooner or later all dressing will end
and the spirit inside will beyond your self wend

over allocation

zeta beta alligator

specialized relations
lead to further expectations

glorified sensations
with their micro calibrations

remember all this later
retrograded perpetrator

save the fluctuations
tied right in with your temptations

chromosome reduction
made by alien abduction

starships on the nadir
crewed entirely by satyr

multiple vibrations
lead right back to affirmations

previous instruction
supersedes an introduction

precious, what’s a ‘tater?
all the message is in the data

think of the reduction
brought to mind by this deduction

finally tweak it greater
for an infinite translator

Star Stuff

You are the stuff of stars
both particles and waves
expand your reach, undo the self
and shine by other ways

The power of your mind is far
beyond your current use
so fan the flame you know as truth
no time left, no excuse

Cull all noise in silence
and take what matters deep
release the rest with every breath
and welcome back the peace

the peace is deep
the peace is full
the peace is bloody wonderful

the anti-peace police will tweet
to make their matters short and sweet

but peace’s glowing diamond point
will continue then to anoint

it’s all about the attitude
that fuels the goldarned anti-cruise

yet peace will ever all outshine
what nothing can leave else behind


“Well, I hope you understand, but I had to go back to the island.”

I understand, Mrs. Bukowski, but there is nowhere, no island, to go back to. That was just a TV show.

“Well, I’m near the end, and I just ain’t got the time.”

The thing is, you’re all goofified, Mrs. Bukowski. You’re in a home for the elderly. And you’ve been just a little off your biochemical best the last few days. So what you say now probably means nothing at all. It’s just a rehash of everything you’ve ever known, or read, or heard, or seen, or believed at one point that you ever knew, or read, or heard, or saw. Does that make any sense whatsoever to you?

“Well, I’m so worried, don’t know where to go.”

Don’t stress your sassy little spirit about that now, Mrs. Bukowski. Your family is paying premium dinero for a top-shelf creche here at our fabled YogaDabbaDoo facilities. And as we say, in all lower-case letters: there is nowhere to go, only be.

“Well, all right, so I’m being foolish.”

Not at all. You just missed this afternoon’s dab of your favorite, kotton kandy kush. And, as a result, the harsh realities of aging bodily existence have been flooding in to your poor little system without the analgesic euphorics that are usually supporting your chillax hang here at YDD.

“Well, time is marching on.”

Indeed it is, Mrs. Bukowski. Indeed it is. How are you feeling now?

“Well, it feels alright, and everything is really ok.”

Excellent. Most excellent. That’s what we like to hear. *A little dab’ll do ya!* Is there anything else you’d like now?

“Well, all of my good-time buddies don’t even come around.”

We are very sorry that many of your friends and contemporaries have passed. But that is the way the world works, you know. Alive one day and then gone. The ocean of life.

“Well, I could a had religion.”

Your sure could have, Mrs. Bukowski. We all could still.

“Well, nobody loves me, babe.”

Oh, not true, Mrs. Bukowski. Not true at all. We care for you very much. And your family loves you.

“Well, well, well, hold my hand.”

There, there, Mrs. Bukowski. Can you feel that? Why don’t we get you all ready for your bath. Won’t that be nice? You certainly usually enjoy your bath time. Let’s just get you all ready.

“Well, I’m ready.”

You sure are, Mrs. Bukowski. You sure are.


I haven’t left the house today,
just cooked an artichoke.
The summation of a man’s life
before feeding the gristle sack.

I’ll be ready for sweet nothing
once all my cloistered dreams abandon me,
praise the Lord.

The pull of desires
that was once so compelling
now seems so…very sparse
in the field of Being.

The few ambitions left to attend to
are like insects buzzing
around a beckoning flame
that swallows all with
outshining joy.

I know,
it’s ridiculous.
As I scrape off the artichoke
with my teeth.

But do your feel the light of bliss,
brothers and sisters?
Do your hear a voice
calling you Home?

Or do your aches continue to beguile you,
your dreams still entice,
and your fascinations still compel?

Go ahead and pursue them,
if you still can.
There will come a moment
when you won’t be able to
any more.

And after that
the one who is free
will only be

little down

there was once upon a time
only a little down yonder
probability-wise not far from here

when fire-breathing mammoths ruled the planes
snatching flowering reptiles out of the air
with pincers bifurcated by the glimmering
of the harsh lights of too many moons

the startled creatures were tossed up in an arc
through a perfectly-timed flame
geysering from the backs of meaty throats
and caught in crunching, toothy mouths
stumps chomping
bones and membranes cracking
the soft wisp of taste and pine
tar and guts
releasing sweet truths:

you can pay attention to whatever you want to,
and whatever you attend to
you meditate upon and manifest


there are no lack of probabilities
upon which to attend,
and every one of them
and every variation
grinds towards its unique value fulfillment

Chomp, chomp, chomp…crack!

it’s all the same mechanism
purposed towards something
it’s a way called DREAMING


there is a different way
one day it will be called
the Buddha’s way
the Lao Tzu way
the way of no ways
that which is purposed towards nothing
that way is called AWAKENING


instead of paying attention,
let go of attention,
and allow the dissolution
to surrender you



He told us all about a place
to open up inside
taking all the time we need
to thoroughly abide

He left behind without a trace
a true and steady guide
but hope has never guaranteed
we’d use its bona fides

We thought we had a secret space
but secrets always lie
the only way to do the deed
is with nothing left to hide

Our pulse vibrating at a pace
that flashes in our eyes
and travels down at lightning speed
to the bottoms of our thighs

Truth will always be the case
and will brook no compromise
as spirit opens up to free
what was never jeopardized