just start writing

just start writing

you don’t have to do it, man
just put down the pen
lift the nib from the paper
you can do it all later

artist schmartist
who cares?
you won’t be needing this
who will be reading it?

will you text it to your honey?
will it make you any money?

these thoughts go through your mind
as you mull over the word “preamble”
which sort of rhymes with bramble

you wish you *could* put down the pen
but you can’t
you’ve never been able to

didn’t matter if you were doodling
unicorns pointing at flying saucers
with a bubble saying, “Swamp gas!”
in elementary school
instead of taking notes

or if you were capturing phrases
from a boring meeting at work
trying to fit them into cut-up verse

after all, you can’t help it
and you could be cursed
with dancing instead
and pirouettes or worse

your toes ache just thinking about it

but it’s not your call
what draws you to that white wall

be it dance or painting or writing or song
you know you haven’t got very long

it’s really only a few instances
strung together
that are your creative bellwether

your mysterious muse
that gives you so few clues

so happy new year’s
mes frères
have a few more beers

put some wax in your bramble
no more need to preamble

just start writing

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