Monthly Archive: January 2016


they’ve got the dial turned
all the way up passed eleven
these days
cornerstones busted through
like broken coke bottles
scattered across a highway

nothing matters but time
which seems to be ticking away
in a far different style
these days

missing time
shifts between the phases of
consciousness on off
like the gaps between a firefly’s light

the thread of
full cohesion bottled up in shine
taking great strides of forgiveness
into the midst of whenever
as circumstances allow

that’s the way it is
these days
that’s the way it rolls

will you surrender to the weirding way
after the weird have turned pro
and thereby hobble not your reach

read these words emblazoned upon
your soul

feel fully
from the source
that has always been

these days

please stand by

come feel the presence
of the cosmic sound of aum,
el gran poder

dry your eyes, señor
you’ve been walking down that road
for a long, long time

dry your eyes
as you go to town

far above
like a swooping hawk
that’s diving down

the eyes of creation
watch you, señor
watch all of us
watching each other

we got nothing going
we’ve been told

loss of space time
more than probable, señor
they say

as you walk into town
again and again

mello chair

have you ever sat still in a mello chair
while the girls back behind groom and rub at your hair

then the chair starts to sing its sad, sad song
and they rub and they groom and they move right along

it was very, very bad
sings the chair in the song
it was bad verily
it was bad
it was long

but the bad
sings the chair
wan’t right
wasn’t wrong
it was the best damn bad
ever pushed through the throng

yet there you still sit in the sad singing chair
with the girls back behind and their skin so fair

not a care all along, sings the chair singing song
and the whirls of their curls are particularly strong

it was very, very good
sings the chair in the song
it was good verily
it was good
it was long

but the good
sings the chair
wan’t right
wasn’t wrong
it was the best damn good
ever pushed through the throng

the nature of belly star

belly’s got a shine on
doesn’t matter where she is
rub it, belly, press it through
find out where it lives

belly’s blooming open
you can see it in her eyes
and in how she shakes her hips
and the way she moves her thighs

belly’s never been before
where angels fear to tread
but belly’s shining out so far
she follows where she’s led

as you gaze at belly
and wish upon her star
remember that you’re shining too
no matter who you are

umbrella belt and chair


time to replace
what was already there
my umbrella, my belt,
and my small camping chair

after lustrums of use
and carrying around
entropy’s finally
wearing them down

it’s not only material
that corroded in place
it’s that patterns of doing
have established the pace

we bring into being
things that don’t last
they can be replaced
but their ideas have passed

so it may be now time
to see if need matches prayer
for an umbrella, a belt,
and a small camping chair


i’ve smelled the staleness of rage
creep into a consensus
that has hardly ever known
the blissful wage of peace

i’ve seen faces stretched between
complicated thoughts
that bear no resemblance
to the depth of being

i’ve tasted lips so bitter
they made me weep
too thin to ever grasp
the great mystery of the void

i’ve heard voices wailing in despair
such loss and craving
having nothing to do with
the bright awakening

i’ve touched the twisted knots
in fences of separation
fighting off the sweet aroma
of All That Is

a growing wonder
engendered by craving

let it read

you’ve taken the time
for your mind to lose grip
relaxed in a chair
taking a sip

your eyes wander over
the tablet or page
there’s nothing to lose
and no way to gage

the mysterious journey
your thoughts have gone on
like singing completely
the nevermore song

your heart is still pumping
your skin can still bleed
your mind’s started humping
let it read
let it read

ufos in manhattan

enjoying the snow
rolling around on their backs
making sun angels
almond-eyed greyskins
peering out of glowing windows
their feet up in the air

greetings, earthlings
this is the way we fly

between the cracks in your memories
where tendrils of deep comprehension
reach outward
toward your sky

those of you not so bedazzled
by your own dreaming
will see us here

fair is fair, we say
we really like the way
your snow falls
flake upon flake
no two flakes alike

it reminds us of the
way we used to be
before we came awake
still childlike

back in the day
before our minds came due
there was another way
to think our differences through

but not now, you see
we are all the same glowing one
just like your snow falling
under the sun

just like us
just like you, to be
utterly yet thoroughly free


you get consensus reality
by using the mechanism of consciousness
to focus attention on
not only illusory dreams
but absolutely insane ones

it’s like the dramatic pauses
in movies
with stringed instruments and
maybe a few lonely woodwinds playing
as characters consider equally
unreal and insane motivations
as if the consequences
would make any sort of difference at all
to silence

consider instead

do you know what it feels like
to peel a ruby red grapefruit
by hand

slowly pressing your thumb
under the rind
parting and rolling swash by swash
to expose the fruity globe
of sectioned flesh

the smell of the spray
makes you realize you shoulders
aren’t relaxed
so you drop them
as you hum the tune
of your birth
into the mirror
of your soul




on the bathroom floor
i had my space with you before
but now it’s coming time again
since nothing starts
and nothing ends
with all that passes
through that door

dripping time that must rewind
every morning
in my mind
things that never ever stick
drop upon that steady brick
sitting on the bathroom floor

why is that
you might ask
a recurring scene
of what has passed
a current take on what has been
occur again
as nothing more

if you make a different pick
and notice what you’re living for
attend to that mysterious brick
beneath the tub
forever more
what the are you waiting for